Jonathan Thymius was born on the banks of the Hudson River at West Point Army Hospital in Orange NY. “They wanted me to sign up for the Army when I was born.” Jonathan said, “So I peed on a General and got a dishonorable discharge.”  

The comedians first steps were taken in The Bronx. “I like to think of myself as a Parkchester kid”. Jonathan said. “PS106 and a bag of marbles. Life was good.”
On vacations the Thymius Family would drive to Bangor Maine to visit their family roots says Thymius, “I went to Fruit Street School when fruit just meant something you ate.”

Raised by a single Mother with decision making skills as bad as her asthma, the two picked up and moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Jonathan went to Alice Cooper’s Alma Mater, Camelback High School where, according to Jonathan, “The children picked on me constantly because of my New York accent until I got on the local kids show, ‘The Wallace and Ladmo Show.’ Amazing what TV credits will do for your street cred, even with kids.

As soon as he was able to drive, Thymius drove himself to San Francisco where he got a job driving a cab.  He would do anything to accommodate his clients. Jonathan once drove backwards eight blocks only to accidentally run over an airport fare. “Just doesn’t pay to be nice to people.”

But there wasn’t enough rain in San Francisco so he married his first wife and moved to Seattle. They opened The Pegasus Coffee Bar downtown during the latte craze of the 90’s. “It was great, Pegasus was making money, we lived in paradise having the time of our lives. Very happy. Very very happy. Idyllic.” After the bitter divorce, Thymius sold the coffee shop and moved to Los Angeles where he married Elisabeth. “Liz and I have a lot in common, I watch TV and she buys shoes.”

2016 is Jonathan’s 20th year doing standup comedy. Recently Jonathan was a finalist on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” season seven. His goal was to place sixth. Thymius achieved his goal. He not only had the honor of being eliminated on the second to last episode of the season, but also of being the only comic to be sent home on that night. “Coming in 6th on Last Comic Standing has been everything I ever thought it would be, minus 5,” says Thymius.

Throughout the LCS season, fans and critics were talking about him. All over the internet, Twitters were tweeting, bloggers were blogging and Face Book posts were posting…  “a unique comic,”  “endearing” “authentic” “surprising” “out there” “my favorite.”

Of the experience of being on “Last Comic Standing,” Thymius says, “I’m glad it’s over. For one thing, that Natasha Leggero can’t kiss. But mostly I think I’m going to miss my trailer. They always had it loaded up with goodies: Gummy bears, crackerjacks, defibrillation paddles.”

Before “Last Comic Standing”, you may have also seen him on “MadTV” or “The Adams Family Reunion” or on numerous internet comedy sketches on “Funny Or Die.” Today Jonathan hosts a podcast called, a Comedian a Musician and a Jew.

Thymius has been a favorite at comedy clubs, festivals (a semi-finalist at The Boston Comedy Festival ) and at clubs around the world including England, France, Amsterdam, Canada, Scotland, Jamaica and Palmdale.

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