Monkeys With Matches

Monkeys With Matches is a podcast started by 3 old friends. Having known each other since their teenage years, they haven’t shut up since.

Jonathan Thymius, is an actor and nationally recognized comedian who has starred in films, late show television and was a finalist on Last Comic Standing.

Craig Fry, is an established musician and sound designer. Having played with the Paul Dresher Ensemble, The Melanthium Ensemble, Sonya Hunter, Cartoon, PFS, multiple orchestras, symphonies and everything in between, Craig is the educated calm during the storm.

Scott Brazieal, is a multi talented musician, composer, screenwriter and lounge chair philosopher. He has played with bands like Von Zamla, Thinking Plague, 5uu’s, and has toured with Cassiber, Skeleton Crew and many others. Scott is now working on his second film, No Volvere.