Standup Comedy Coach


“You Can’t Teach Comedy,
But you Can Give Tips….”


Through the years I’ve helped dozens of emerging comic talents save themselves years of time struggling on stage with my “Tips of the Trade” comedy coaching and seminars. There is so much advice veteran comedians can give the next generations of performers. Unfortunately comedy is not a science, it’s an art. Therefore, there’s no rules and it’s very subjective. I can show you different paths but you’ll have to make the choice as to which one to take.

When analysing comedy and what’s funny, it’s only visible out of the corner of your eye. As soon as you try and look directly at it, all of the funniness disappears. Which is why writing and preforming comedy is so hard.

For me comedy is Truth in Tragedy, not Tragedy and Time as Woody Allen explained it. If the joke is funny, no matter when it’s told, it’s funny. I once heard a joke about 911 right after the bombing. It was hilarious! It didn’t make fun of the situation, it made fun of the comedian upon hearing the news. Just another reason why funny is funny.

What I won’t do; I won’t write you jokes!. Only you know what you think is funny.

What I will do; I will go over your set, help you to punch it up and clue you in on what makes a great comedian, i.e., finding your voice!!!

What I’ll need from you; A copy of your 10 minute (or less) video set and a copy of your joke list written out just the way you preform it (word for word). After reviewing your set we’ll have a one on one conversation on how you can turn your performance into a winning showcase set.

Note that a one hour session won’t make you a star. You’re going to have to put in the time and the work.

Showcase sets are the most important performances you can have! If you tank in front of industry, it can take decades to recover. Don’t preform in front of industry until you’re ready!!!

I can help you get ready!

“Showcase sets are the most important performances you can have.” -Hollywood


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